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Smart Board Games (Hoagies' Gifted Education Page) 

Hoagies' Kids and Teens

Hoagies' Kids and Teens Links

48 Essential Links for the Parents of Gifted Children 

Gifted Education Resources for Students, Parents and Teachers

Compilation of links to resources on all subjects and topics.

Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

Focused on developing the mental health and social competence of gifted people. 

Ohio Association for Gifted Children

Listing of resources for parents and students.

National Association for Gifted Children

Contains links and resources for parents and educators. 

STEM What Parents Should Know about STEM to Help Their Children

The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 Cool Sites About Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Anne Flick’s Gifted links



Challenging Websites for Gifted and Talented Students



Critical Thinking Fun

Gifted Students Solve Mysteries

Make Your Own Comics!

SET Game Online

Vocabulary Building Site

Daily Buzzword 

Daily Buzzword Archive 

SuperKids Vocab Builders 

Merriam Webster Word of the Day Math Games Brain Boosters 

 Learning at Home: Free Online Brain Teasers, Mind Games, Puzzles and More! 


Gifted Education Websites for Teachers, Parents, Etc.

NAGC invests all of its resources to train teachers, encourage parents and educate administrators and policymakers on how to develop and support gifted children and what's at stake if high-potential learners are not challenged and encouraged. 

Since 1952, The Ohio Association for Gifted Children has been working with families and educators to promote the best interest of gifted children. 

Hoagies' Gifted Education Page offers resources, articles, books and links for Parents, for Educators, Counselors, Administrators and other Professionals, and for Kids & Teens. 

SENG is dedicated to fostering environments in which gifted adults and children, in all their diversity, understand and accept themselves and are understood, valued, nurtured, and supported by their families, schools, workplaces, and communities.

Education search engine compiling information from government, university and non-commercial sources. Initial results appear in the right-hand pane, while narrowed results are grouped under subheadings in the left-hand pane. 

This national report, sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, illustrates the discrepancy between research on acceleration and acceleration beliefs and practices commonly utilized in education today. You may download a copy of the report or request a free print copy at this site.

The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented (NRC/GT) has compiled these text and PDF descriptions of research studies conducted by NRC/GT. They explain the most defensible practices for implementation based on research evidence. 

The Davidson Institute for Talent Development offers this free service for educators and other professionals dedicated to helping gifted learners. Learn where you state ranks in gifted policy. Access staff development, lesson plans, newsletters and much more. Looking for additional resources, classroom strategies, or fun activities? Why not start here. Take a moment to browse through the sites listed. You may find just what you’re looking for. Lesson Plans and Resources Medina County Schools Educational Service Center





Gifted Websites for 4th-5th Grade (links courtesy of Mrs. Edwards)

4th Grade Math!


Creating line plots 

Fraction Line Plots 


 Use the links below to help you practice and extend your understanding of geometry.

 Geometry Menu of Games on Sheppard Software

 2D Shape Concentration

 Hidden Picture Geometry

 Quadrilateral Quest

Quadrilateral Shape Game

 Fun Brain Perimeter

 Perimeter Explorer

Geometry Learning Games 

Math Dictionary for Kids

Fun Brain Shape Surveyor

Math-Play Geometry Games

Online Geoboard

Collection of Kids' Math Games


Use the links below to practice and extend your learning of fractions.

Fraction Fling

Fresh Baked Fractions

Fraction Game Menu on Sheppard Software

Multiplication and Division

Use the links below to practice and extend your learning of multiplication and division.

Division Facts

Division with Remainders

Long Division Number Monster

Division Tic-Tac-Toe

Quia Math Journey 

Division Practice Menu on Sheppard Software

Multiplication Game Menu- Sheppard Software

Multiply 3 digits by 1 digit numbers

Multiply 2 digit by 1 digit numbers

Multiply 2 digit by 2 digit numbers

Place Value

Use the links below to practice and extend your understanding of large number place value.

Guess the Number

Base 10 Fun

Interactive 100 Chart

Comparing Number Values

Place Value Puzzler

Place Value Hockey

Place Value Game Menu- Sheppard Software

Rounding Sheppard Software Game Menu

Rounding Quia Math Journey

Addition and Subtraction

Use the links below to practice and extend your learning of addition and subtraction of whole numbers.

Addition Game Menu- Sheppard Software

Drop Sum

Clear it Addition

Math Bingo

Math Lines


Subtraction Game Menu- Sheppard Software


5th Grade Math!

Order of Operations

Use the links below to practice and extend your understanding of order of operations.

Order of Operations Enrichment Games

Order of Operations Match

PEMDAS Blaster

Order of Operations Royal Rescue

Order of Operations Four



Use the links below to practice and extend your understanding of geometry.

Quadrilateral Quest

Quadrilateral Shape Game

Area of Triangles

Coordinate Grid Game

Perimeter Explorer

Hidden Picture Geometry

Calculate Perimeter on Fun Brain

2D Shape Concentration

Geometry Game Menu- Sheppard Software



Students can practice and extend their understanding of decimals by playing the games below.

Decimals of the Caribbean-Place Value

Decimal Place Value Pirates

Converting Decimals and Fractions to Percents Hundredaire!

Decimal Jeopardy- Decimals, Fractios, & Percents

Decimal Jeopardy using the 4 operations

Decimal Place Value Football

Decimals on a Number Line Mathman

Matchig Math Decimals-Hundreths

Matching Math Decimals-Tenths

Fruit Splat Convert Fractios to Decimals

Balloon Pop Decimal Patterns

Scooter Quest Decimal Rouding

Scooter Quest Decimal Place Value

Balloon Pop Order Decimals

Fruit Splat Compare Decimals



Students can practice and extend their understanding of fractions by playing the games below. 

Fraction Game Menu on Sheppard Software

Adding Fractions

Subtracting Fractions

Multiplying Fractions

Dividing Fractions

Convert Mixed to Improper

Convert Improper to Mixed

Multiplication and Division

Students can play the games below to review, practice, and enrich their understanding.

Division Tic Tac Toe

Long Division Number Monster

Multiply & Divide Math Journey

Divide with Remainders

Two digit by Two digit Multiplication


Fact Fluency

Use the links below to practice your facts at school or at home.


Students can make their own flashcards or study from a set that is already created. This site is good for learning new vocabulary words in math and other content areas.

AAA Math

Quia Math Journey

Enrichment Math Links

The links below are math resources to enrich students in math. 

Continental Math

Stella's Stunners



Geometry Project Links

Geometry References

Math Warehouse

Math Open Reference

KWL Creator




The Survival Guide for Parents of Gifted Kids

Gifted Kids Survival Guide- Ages 10 and Younger



Math Games and Consumer Math Skills LINKS (website link courtesy of Kiara)


Scholastic Book Wizard

Find books according to reading level or genre. 


Starting Book Clubs for Kids 


Book Report Alternatives 


Reading Enrichment Resources for Gifted Students

Junior Great books are available for reading enrichment in grades K-5.