Sample Lesson Plans

Fundations Drill Sounds / Warm-Up.webm

Below is a sample 1st Grade Daily Warm Up Fundations Lesson You can click here to view the lesson or within the box 

Michael Shamblin Lesson Fundations Grade 1.pdf

Below is a sample 3rd Grade Lesson Plan that I taught in that students would practice measuring in length and width You can click here to view the lesson #1 A or within the box    You can click here to view the lesson #1 B or within the box   

Shamblin Lesson Plan 3rd Grade Elaine.pdf
Shamblin Questions 3rd Grade Lesson.pdf

Below is a Fourth Grade African American Biography Scrapbook Project You can click here to view the Scrapbook Project or within the box  


Below is a 5th grade lesson Plan.  In this lesson plan, students will discuss characteristics of a hero and how to get information from texts to understand why a person is considered a hero. Partner discussions will help students have a deeper understanding.  You can click here to view the Lesson or within the box 

Shamblin Michael Lesson Plan HeroesB.pdf

Below is a lesson on creating a simple chart with Google Sheets You can click here to view how to create a Simple Chart with using Google Sheets or within the box  

Shamblin Mr. Google Sheet Lesson.pdf

Below is a technology lesson using Google Applied Digital Skills to Design a Website using Google Sites to Promote a Project. View files below or click  File 1  File 2 File 3 


Below is a Animal Research Project for 1st grade or can be modified for other grades.  View files below or click File 1, File 2, File 3